Things to do in Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique

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Exciting things to do in and around Ponta do Ouro

There are many restaurants to try in Ponta, such as Florestinos (on the beach) which has amazing charcoal grilled prawns, or Alice just behind the market for some of her roast chicken and chips and wild spinach with peanut butter sauce. There is also a colourful local market in Ponta which normally sells potatoes, onions, tomatoes, local bread called pau, hot chilli spice, rama, local airtime, and a local rum called Tipo Tinto (which tastes like cool drink but kicks like a mule). Fernandos is the most popular spot for visitors to imbibe.

Ponta Do Oura is well known among the surfing community as well as the kite surfers. For the scuba divers there are several dive operators and dive schools. We dive exclusively with Petro Madsen who operates from Gozo Azul in the centre of town. There are also several "swim with dolphins" operators who launch regularly.

Towards Malongane, there is a high cliff overlooking the ocean where one can also learn to paraglide.

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